Air Jordan Retro 7 “OLYMPIC” 2012

Air Jordan Retro 7 "OLYMPIC" 2012 |

Air Jordan Retro 7 “OLYMPIC” 2012 |

An iconic classic such as the Olympic 7’s are a rare find but we have you covered. These sold out retros can be yours for only $129.99.

Cincinnati Premium Outlets*

505 Premium Outlets Drive
Monroe, OH 45050


  • jstlouis297

    no phone orders until monday

  • LennyButch

    do they ship?

    • sneakersteal

      Yes they did at the time..unfortunately they may be sold out. Try calling the number posted.

      • LennyButch

        thanks, just did, they do ship but don’t have my size in. great site btw.

        • sneakersteal

          Stay posted to the site. If they are at any other outlets we will definitely post the info.

  • Guest

    do they still have them?

    • sneakersteal

      Give them a call…its likely they have sold out.

  • frye

    So call Monday for phone orders? Or are they already sold out?

  • LennyButch

    only a size 8 left!

  • all gone

  • raymond montilla

    ill take size 8 if you have them