STEAL OF THE DAY | Nike Hyperposite Amare Stoudemire PE

Nike Hyperposite Amare Stoudemire PE |

Nike Hyperposite Amare Stoudemire PE |

We have a winner!!!! Congratulations to Adel Mahmoud. Thanks to everybody that participated be sure to stay posted many more steals to come.

Size 12


Good luck & God bless!

  • sneakersteal!

  • Jalen McNeil


  • these are dope

  • That’s a killer deal!

  • luke h

    I’m in

    thanks for the great steals so far

  • NelsonW

    im in, this is my size!!! i need some Hyperposites in my life!

  • NelsonW

    i need some hyperposites in my life!

  • J K

    In. Awesome deal.

  • Frank G.

    I’d love a pair of these

  • jay


  • Nico Flora

    I’m in my size too! Love the steals!

  • salam

    Plug me in. Congrats on the new site

  • I need these!

  • jaysaini

    I’m in. Good looks on the site cork!

  • i need those

  • @sneakersteal please can I get those stat pe’s for my birthday from a huge Knick fan in NY! PLEASE #sneakersteals PLEASEEE

  • thuwun

    OMG Yes !!!!!

  • whoop!

  • Please plug me in!!!!!!!!!

  • Grant

    Plug me in for these

  • Keithf92

    Please pick me. I missed the release and I am very sadden by it.

  • john aiello

    Need this colorway plug me in

  • K Robinson

    Deff in need of these

  • Plug me in

  • JL in my size

    Fire, a gators fan could use a plug on this colorway

  • Plug me in! Love the new site, keep it up!

  • rico strong

    plug me i need theseeeeeee

  • Will

    Pick me

  • rusty

    neeed these!!!!

  • Quette

    PLUG Me Please. I gots to have em!!!

  • Jalen McNeil

    this was my favorite release of 2012 but i wasnt able to find a pair in my size , can you please plug me in ?

  • Plug me dude these would be fire on ma feet.

  • disqus_eI80j9G0wI

    I would love to have these

  • CALIclassed

    sick – count me in

  • P Sanders

    Need these in the worst way! Pick me !

  • those would be dope in the collection!

  • Quinn

    Please let me cop these!

  • JuanTwoThree

    Plug Me ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

  • I gotta take this steal for my city and for the representation of NYC and THE NYK…

  • Count me in. Missed these when they were released.

  • Knickstape

    my size and my team. count me in

  • belazey367

    steal???? or plugg?? ahah

  • JStoudt5


  • Jkurubas

    Lets plug me in and give this steal!

  • raf ros

    My size my city I need these welcome me in style

  • soleoutacontrol

    i needs these in my life

  • Nice steal!

  • Chris wilson

    I missed out bred xi and the last contest hopefully I win

  • Jared Lewis

    That right there is a very legit steal

  • ash_jester

    These are dope.

  • Lorenzo Phi

    Steal of the day – UNDERSTATEMENT! Plug me!

  • Relly

    plug me in

  • CiscoRock

    Real g in the building

  • Need these

  • Tim Preece

    Put me in for this badass steal.

  • Great deal!

  • postedup0

    hope i win!

  • K9

    let me catch this steal

  • Steal me in

  • disqus_oAau1PJd7a

    Plug me in i want theesee

  • Great steal! Hopefully I can win these

  • Wiiiinnneeeerrrrrrrrrrnotottmeeeeeeeheeehee

  • Joseph G

    Love these blue/orange shoes representing my team! Sneakersteal deal me in!

  • Michael Carter

    plug me in!

  • Rigo Huezo

    Plug Me In!!!

  • Al Smith

    Plug me in homie!!

  • Djdrama5

    Plug me in

  • Jason Hutchings

    Plug me in

  • MateoDaniel

    I love these kicks! Just my size. I’ve got my big boy pants on….hook me up!

  • Lin Jefferson

    Indeed plug me in too!

  • FoYo

    Plug me in!

  • Hoook it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    Plug me in!

  • plug me in sneakersteal

  • Plug me in!

  • Plug me please, this will make me feel betta abt missing those GMP VIs

  • eric G

    Plug me please



  • Those are awesome!

  • Plug it up with these please! Need these!!

  • Glad I won!!!!!!! SNEAKERSTEALS ! Greatest b day present ever