Kobe VI “Black / Grey”


The Black Mamba has a “Steal” to offer. $49.97 so hurry up and place your order before they disappear.

Vacaville Factory


6 Responses to “Kobe VI “Black / Grey””
  1. Wps2 says:

    Just called and he said no sizes over a 12.

  2. thuwun says:

    just called and they said no shipping orders 🙁 grrrrrrrr

  3. Jock Nest says:

    Just left Vacaville Nike Outlet. Size 12 is the largest they have. They will hold them til monday if you call. Ship out on monday.

  4. I just called too and they said they are specifically not shipping the Kobe’s, but they do normally ship shoes…

    • Jock Nest says:

      Call again on monday. Shipping or non-shipping, is determine by the manger’s mood. Nike Stores are always busy on the weekend. Several Nike stores today held my phone orders til monday (thanks to sneakersteal). I saw tons of kobe’s VI’s on the Vacaville floor today. They will not sell out.

  5. Cam16 says:

    I need these

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