Nike huarache Free run 2012


Get these now at a super steal. How does $31.97 sound? The Huarache Free run will not disappoint make sure to cop a pair.

Louisville Factory
1 (502) 893-8199


8 Responses to “Nike huarache Free run 2012”
  1. Anthony E. says:

    I just callled. The smallest size is an 8.5. They say they have larger sizes. The only size I confirmed was size was 13.

  2. Joshg1198 says:

    I need these in an 11.5 please!!!

  3. jr3303 says:

    just copped mine……size 11

  4. Rommy says:

    I seriously need these quick for spring track can someone tell me how to get them im new to this site 😀 Size 9 btw. Thanks!

  5. I need in size 12 ASAP!!!!!! Please HMU on these

  6. jessrodd97 says:

    I want them size 9.5 or 9, how do I get them?

  7. Eduardo Woods says:

    I need these in a 11.5 do you have black and white ones?

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