STEAL OF THE DAY | Nike Air Penny 1/2 Cent “eggplant”


We have a winner!!!!! Congratulations to Rafael Gonzalez and thanks to everybody that participated. Stay posted many more steals to come.

Penny 1/2 Cent

Good luck & God bless!!

91 Responses to “STEAL OF THE DAY | Nike Air Penny 1/2 Cent “eggplant””
  1. Penny, could’ve been one of the greatest if it wasn’t for glass knees

  2. Twrell says:

    That purple does it! Hope I can get the shot to get them!

  3. Ryan Fors says:

    Plug me in

  4. DjFowler says:

    Need these

  5. Awwwwwwwww yeahhhhh sneakersteals!! Pick meee

  6. Hook a big man up! Old #corklife

  7. disqus_XVlIcEzBy6 says:

    i need these bad. had to sell mine before i got to wear them.

  8. Joshua Williams says:

    I need these in my life!

  9. Man i would love these having big feet might actually come in handy for once. Perfect to wear for the ravens playoff run.

  10. Hutch24k says:

    True big footer right here.

  11. disqus_XVlIcEzBy6 says:

    pick me please i had to sell mine before i could wear them.

  12. Thiel B. says:

    Always been a fan of Penny. Never had a pair of his sneakers because a can’t find them in my size. Plug me in

  13. Bigserg415 says:

    Hook me up with these my folks….

  14. David says:

    I need that plug on these. Especially for the big footer. Look out

  15. Derek says:

    I need theese

  16. Shibs says:

    I need these in my life.

  17. Charles Alexander says:

    Need these!!!!!!!


  19. terrell starks says:

    20$ steal. I can rock with with… SneakerSteal.. hook a brotha up

  20. SP says:

    I like the new site but im keepin it old school, plug me in

  21. Jon Day says:

    the rare size 14 plug of the da–…excuse me…steal of the day. well size 14 right here. hook me up.

  22. luke h says:

    please pick me


  23. Rickey King says:

    Steal of the Day…More like steal of the Year especially for us big footed people.

  24. Kese says:

    Damn dese hot! I need these! I never had a pair of penny’s either!

  25. disqus_eI80j9G0wI says:


  26. Raheem Wright says:

    Eggplant Halfcents yes please. Size 14…yes please.

  27. Julian says:

    Steal!!!! Of the day!!!!! Plug me in for this steal please!

  28. Anthony E. says:

    These are classic kicks from a great player. I would love to own a pair.

  29. MateoDaniel says:

    Yo, I’ve always hoop in these. Let me steal them!

  30. Kevin Woods says:

    Plug me in PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jacari DuPont says:

    $20 for a must have…you can’t sleep on this steal. Pick me!! *crosses fingers*

  32. You guys would make a pair of big feet extremely happy….

  33. Bernard Kats says:

    plug me in please

  34. Kenny says:

    Definite steal, hope I get picked!

  35. jaysaini says:

    Hook me up bro!

  36. mace2k8 says:

    Huge steal need these.

  37. ZachyP says:

    I wana steal these!!

  38. L_Rocks_Well says:

    Definitely need these to go with my Ravens gear…really dope plug. Good stuff, SneakerSteal.

  39. Dalt26 says:

    Love me some eggplant. Pick me

  40. montaze mcrae says:


  41. ryan says:

    let me steal these!

  42. RW32 says:

    Let me STEAL those, way to show the big footer some love!

  43. Rafael Gonzalez says:

    I never got plugged, but maybe I can steal these on the new site! Thanks!

  44. jeremiah says:

    man i would really love to win these! thanks cork for the major hook ups

  45. major piece for the collection

  46. pepè says:

    Been looking for in sz 14 since I cane back from my deployment. I need these in my life…

  47. Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Wps2 says:

    Hi my most favorite sneaker site that I visit multiple times each day. I would like the steal of the day please!

  49. Jalen McNeil says:

    pleaseeee pick me

  50. dre newton says:

    let me get em i need em asap.bday coming up

  51. William Slade says:

    I need these!

  52. Don23lucia says:

    Hook me up I need hoopin kicks!

  53. Thomas says:

    please please please

  54. CC Brody says:

    Fingers crossed. Thanks.

  55. Ive been looking for these everywhere! Pleaseeeee!

  56. thuwun says:

    crossing fingers !!!

  57. JuanTwoThree says:

    Brings me memories I need these plug me !

  58. T2524 says:

    Need these!

  59. PINKR10 says:

    Size 14 here…just found your site thru IG and will be checking in daily for the big size steals!!

  60. Neeeeed this! Not just want

  61. Niko Koussis says:


  62. I’d love to cop these I mean

  63. Richard Yi says:

    choooooseeee meeeeee!!!!!!!

  64. belazey367 says:


  65. Mikeal says:

    I need these….

  66. svnth.avenue says:

    let me fucking get these

  67. A_Gwu says:

    eggplant is good for you

  68. Eddie Fearon says:

    thats me

  69. Asap Stocky says:

    Never had a pair of Penny 1/2 Cents plug me please FYi I have a monster foot

  70. disqus_ao40RDtkED says:

    I need these

  71. Kofie Abakah says:

    This is my all time favorite colorway of the 1/2! And my size, 14. I’d truly appreciate these

  72. Roberto Bell Jr says:

    I never win anything…. so why not give this a try!!!

  73. Cam16 says:

    Pick meeee

  74. kidchampagne says:

    I love these shoes if you have any more sneakersteal let me know

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