Air Jordan Retro XIII “Bred”


Air Jordan Retro XIII $139.99

Info via @eaglesandheat

Cypress Factory
(281) 758-1966

30 Responses to “Air Jordan Retro XIII “Bred””
  1. busy already unreal

  2. Bccc Secret society says:

    They are not answering the phone…

  3. mjscalese says:

    Just called. No phone orders until Saturday, since they just got them in today. 🙁

  4. Bccc Secret society says:

    Still not answering

  5. we have a lot of sneakers on sale.

  6. Damon Harris says:

    They said no phone orders when I just called.

  7. Deadstock Sneakers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. whoisthis says:

    false information

  9. gunadict says:

    Just came back from the store to get some for my brother. They are not even on the shelf yet. They had to go in the back to get my pair. Said they had a lot.

  10. FoYo says:

    Just got through .. SOLD OUT! I didnt get the lady’s name but she was certain that they dont have anymore 🙁 (11:54am ET)

  11. Damo Manuel says:

    I just called and she claimed they just sold the last pair – size 9. Yeah right!

  12. datopshotta says:

    It’s true placed my order

  13. michael says:

    Just placed my order too girl said they had 30 phone orders ahead of me she will call me back in a couple hours with a confirmation

  14. Ken lee says:

    No phone orders until monday

  15. Ken lee says:

    No phone orders until Monday

  16. Damo Manuel says:

    I just left from there. They still have many pairs available. B grades.

  17. Hugo Velis says:

    In Store only no shipping!!

  18. FoYo says:

    Yea, just called NO PHONE ORDERS !! 2:10pm ET

  19. TGraves83 says:

    Hope they have some left on monday

  20. I live here. I scooped a pair. 1) they’re not b grades in case you all were wondering 2)phone orders start Monday. 3) they’ll be gone by then. 4) only one pair per person. Hope this helps

  21. Anyone know if they still have sz 14?

  22. tc says:

    Any size 5.5

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