Men’s Nike Air Max 95 “BLK/VLT”


Pick up a pair of these Air Max 95 for just $79.99 with additional 20%off

Carolina Factory
1 (919) 989-6100

Additional 20%off

18 Responses to “Men’s Nike Air Max 95 “BLK/VLT””
  1. DT says:

    10.5 works for me

  2. disqus_oDzhCp9ldW says:

    Hey new to this, is there a size 13 still available?

  3. Drewpreme says:

    Busy… Hoping for a 14 when the lines open back up…

  4. sef deese says:

    they have them in orlando 4073519400…..just coppd a sz 13

  5. Kevin Miller says:

    Do u have a 7Y available and what do I need to do to get it?

  6. Rell says:

    Do they have 11.5

  7. John says:

    sold out fyi

  8. FoYo says:

    Thats a great pick up for whoever got these! I just stopped at a few local sneaker spots by me and the cheapest I found was $89!

  9. Alexis McCants says:

    dang I missed it. smh.

  10. I got mine for $45 Nike is awesome.

  11. F R I T Z says:

    $79?! I’ll wait until they are $59 again.

  12. John says:

    got em thanks 🙂

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