Steal of the day | Kobe Chapter One Destroyer Jacket


We have a winner!! Congratulations
To @haveuseencooper and thanks to everybody that participated. Stay tuned in many more steals to come.

Sz Large

152 Responses to “Steal of the day | Kobe Chapter One Destroyer Jacket”
  1. Samuel Wong says:

    kobe is still king! hook it up!

  2. Jay says:

    I want please and thanks

  3. cakin eight says:

    Link me!

  4. ferdiecano says:

    like it !!!!

  5. Yes god dammit YES!!!!!

  6. Phillipxcho says:


  7. VABaller says:

    Let me get that steal

  8. james says:

    The jacket is just the right size

  9. Would match great with all my Mamba kicks and gear! #CountOnDestroyers

  10. Leaving a comment for a chance to purchase the destroyer

  11. One time for Kobe Beans biggest fan

  12. JRocksPhotos says:

    I def need a new jacket and at that price I def need it. I wear a large if you guys need proof I can email pics for proof.

  13. Jacket is dope. I want to buy it for my bf’s birthday. Crossing my fingers!

  14. Conner Staddon says:

    Need this!

  15. Gregory says:


  16. JON BRAXTON says:


  17. Mitch325 says:

    Please let me buy it!!

  18. pimpalimpa says:

    put me in the rotation. thanks.

  19. Ben Mandanas says:

    I need this. Plz me.

  20. Prem Parmar says:

    Plug me in please!!!

  21. TGraves83 says:

    Now thats a STEAL!

  22. Nesta Villanueva says:

    That has got to be mine!!!

  23. The black mamba will return and remind everyone who the true “KING” is

  24. Officer Roberts says:

    Honestly, I’m not much of a KB fan but the jacket is dope

  25. I want that Jacket ASAP

  26. Dee Eeasy says:

    You guys do work THANK YOU. Hook it up PLEASE haha

  27. bay bay says:

    K-Kobe Bryant nike’s purple gold strings,K-Kobe in the game dunkin on the whole team
    Bla-black mamba, attack conquer, Basketball beast, ra-rap monsta Crossover good or turn-around jumper,Or just drive the lane and dunk on dunkers You know where its goin, its goin down you This is the Lake show, but don’t drown though I call him King Bryant, now let the crown show

  28. rashaan says:

    My son would love this

  29. Shane C says:

    Let’s do it

  30. Please let me get this STEAL. I’m feeling this jacket BIG TIME!!!

  31. Please let me get this STEAL..Hook it up please!!!

  32. Please let me get this steal!!!!!!

  33. ray says:

    plug me in! these jackets are sick.

  34. Pick me . Plz ! Lol
    Twitter – @cozzycozborne

  35. Peter Cano says:

    Lets go!

  36. Ryan carigma says:

    I need this for fathers day…keep up the good work

  37. Aj Tai says:

    need this jacket please

  38. ATMOSquare says:

    Plug me in please. email is ATMOSquare at gmail dot com I’ll watch my email like a hawk. Thank you!

  39. danny garcia says:

    OMG I gota get this… this jacket is sick

  40. Lemme at it ! Haha plug


  42. Andy nguyen says:

    how am i contacted if i win? through email? hope it is me!

  43. Need this one in my life .the jacket is sick

  44. Luv d Jacket … Pick me

  45. Tom says:

    That’s a sick jacket, I want!

  46. Jeremy says:

    I want!

  47. Keene Wong says:

    In it.

  48. perrrrrdawggg says:


  49. mike yi says:

    steals not deals!! awesome jacket! Plug me in!

  50. Brian says:

    Kobe is the MAN and I love this jacket

  51. Pruthvi says:

    Sign me up

  52. Paul says:

    in for this

  53. Jesus Mercado says:

    This jacket is no joke!

  54. Michael Cala says:


  55. Kongsy says:

    great looking jacket. pick me 🙂

  56. Jonathan Leo says:


  57. I need this jacket to match my Kobe 7 elites.

  58. JoJo Cornwell says:

    Need this. Put me in

  59. I NEEED this one put me on

  60. KOBEFAN says:

    I really want this jacket

  61. says:

    OOOOOO shit! that’s my size! PLUG ME IN !!! need this one! it gets cold in the CHI

  62. EJ Swank says:

    Please contact me for this! Need it!

  63. Kevin Reeb says:

    My size!!! Such a sweet jacket please hook me up.

  64. PAUL LEUNG says:


  65. Hugo Velis says:

    Man I need this jacket

  66. Joel C says:

    I hear people saying oh Im a Kobe fan………. I said to myself why not show it? Boom this just Kobes. So Plug Me this jacket. I must have it.

  67. Mark Arcega says:

    Plug me in please!!! Sweet jacket!!

  68. Sign me up… That jacket is

  69. Devin Roland says:

    Lets go! Plug me in

  70. Sneaker Messiah says:

    i will be waiting on this email

  71. luis aguilar says:

    must have it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Tony says:

    I am part of the Kobe system and need that jacket!!

  73. CarneAsadaFries says:

    Leaving a comment and crossing my fingers….. and praying that i somehow get picked!

  74. Briana H says:

    This would be a great gift for my fiance. I would love to cross my fingers but I’d rather just pray on it 😉 I love sneaker steal!!!!! You guys are doing some heavy work offering these great gifts and doing the research on the “STEALS” to us consumers who don’t have time to stand in lines and fight people for TRUE FASHION and SNEAKERHEADS. LOL I have referred SEVERAL well more like a BUNCH of people to you. Keep the Steals coming and thank you sooooo much for giving back to the people!! <3 B

  75. Jay says:

    Please hook me up with this steal.

  76. Brandon Yash says:

    Hook me up! I would love to add this to my collection of laker stuff

  77. Bill Liu says:

    Nice jacket!

  78. Frank says:

    I’ll be sure not to give this to Kobe’s Mom.

  79. DREW P says:

    Please let me have it!

  80. yayareatho says:

    please pick me

  81. I saw I need to win. Why? Because I entered like everyone else.

  82. Read_to_Achieve says:


  83. Shay Shay says:

    plug me please my boy needs this jacket hes the biggest Kobe fan in the world i swear…

  84. AngelTL says:

    I need this jacket to match my Kobe’s

  85. Joe Lee says:

    Need this in my life

  86. adrian rodriguez says:

    Plug in

  87. I would look dope wearing that in the winter. Plug me in.

  88. Rob Deez says:

    Black Mamba! Bean

  89. Daniel Stella says:

    This is a crazy jacket

  90. Godo Zapata says:

    Nice hope to win it

  91. Sully says:

    This is sick

  92. Jeremy says:

    Would be a nice jacket to have!

  93. Jason Stein says:

    Nice Jacket. Pick me.

  94. I wan the jacket because I am a fan of life. Yes it’s not the most impacting answer but I can say that I live in Chicago where the craziest things happen and I am raising a daughter practically by myself. I cant get these things all the time and when I have the chance to I may have to even put that on hold to support what I get for my child. Even now I am on sneakersteal everyday but have to make that decision to get the little one something over myself. yes I still splurge here and there when i can and keep my choe collection up if I can but now the shoe collection is in toddler sizes getting my little girl the world. I just want to win the jacket so i can say I have something for myself right now since the summer is approaching and my little girl gets every ounce of money from me. I have no reason to lie or make this up and I am an open book so if you want to know more just hit me up and I can show you. But I hope I grab this jacket because this will be something for me to have just for me.

  95. Weez Sp says:

    My size what! I got $59.99 ready to go

  96. Christina C says:

    I’m freezing daddy. Will you build me a campfire? 🙂
    Or better yet I want that jacket instead…

  97. Chuck Wu says:

    I don’t even want to enter anymore after seeing Joel C’s photo.

  98. j_unit2321 says:


  99. Mark says:

    Hook it up!

  100. Christian Lopez says:


  101. Christian says:

    Definitely a sick jacket! Hope I can win and purchase them. Thanks SNEAKERSTEALS!

  102. TAY TAY says:

    dope ass jacket

  103. Kobe is my idol. I really try to model my game after in terms of post ups and attacking. Please pick me I’d rock this jacket like no other!

  104. Michael Cichocki says:


  105. Brian Kim says:

    I love lamp

  106. Ceasalio says:

    Please I want this jacket so bad , im leaving this comment!!!

  107. Big Mook says:

    Man the jacket would look so sick on me

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