Nike Air Trainer Huarache 94


The Nike Air Trainer Huarache 94 are available now for just $29.97



10 Responses to “Nike Air Trainer Huarache 94”
  1. gardi bandi says:

    How do I purchased this? Do u have in size EU43? And do u shipped worldwide? Thanks

  2. AbstractVision_ says:

    Just scooped these up, good looks Sneaker Steal!! I sincerely appreciate what you do!

  3. phattbam says:

    appreciate the post SneakerSteal!!!!

  4. Al Edwards says:

    How do you order over phone? You call ask for a size and then how do you pay? Do you just give em your credit card number? And info

    • phattbam says:

      yup. the lines are busy but if you continue to call, you should get through eventually. I tried for about 15mins.

      • Al Edwards says:

        Ok and its safe? No one has ever had an issue with the shipping or they card? That you know of

        • phattbam says:

          you’re providing your info to a NIke Factory store sales athlete as they call themselves. I’ve ordered from other Nike Factory stores in the past… been good so far.

  5. Jeff Shoehornacek says:

    Sold Out!

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